Susan Ochshorn: The Incredible Ridiculousness of “Readiness”

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Susan Ochshorn of the ECE Workshop describes a new article in the Teachers College Record on the absurdity of the Obama-Duncan “cradle-to-career” policies. Jeanne Marie Ioria and Clifton Tanabe present a thesis: “School readiness, a state we so avidly seek, has created a chain (in all senses of the word) between our youngest students and the labor force, reinforcing the idea of children as commodities.”

Now, they say, this market-driven, utilitarian philosophy has moved into the upper grades and higher education, with predictable results:

As a result, this process is tilted away from the more traditional aims of self-actualization, appreciation, and happiness. It is in the ability to check off a box of measurable outcomes, assurance of accountability in education across the levels, evidence that monies supporting public education are well-spent creating people ready to contribute and perpetuate the status quo.

The concept of “readiness” now dominates early childhood education…

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