Meet Maddy. 

Pay attention. If you think you know the extent of the child abuse that is common core testing, think again. Special Books by Special Kids shares this story.

“This is Maddy. Maddy is required to take State Standardized testing against her family’s will. She is a 15 year old diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Maddy is non-verbal and uses an iPad to communicate.

Maddy previously attended a local elementary public school that has services for children with special needs. When she progressed to middle school the local school was not able to accommodate her unique needs. As a result Maddie was sent to a public school for children with special needs which requires over two hours of travel a day.

Maddy’s family has been informed that she will no longer be able to attend the school for children with special needs if she does not participate in state testing. Authorities have stated she will be sent to a typical public high school if the testing is not completed.”

This beautiful girl’s mother shares her thoughts.

“I am Maddy’s mom, and I am opposed to standardized State tests due to the fact that children like Maddy are anything but standard. There is no one size fits all test that can measure what Maddy knows. Furthermore, the results of said test only serve to harm the teacher and school. The test is used solely by the State to effect teacher pay and school ranking. The special needs school, even though so far away, is a wonderful school that meets the children’s physical, psychological, and educational needs. But, because of the demographics of the children that attend said school, the school has an “F” rating and is in danger of closing. All of this is riding on the backs of special needs children. They are being asked to sit for and perform on a test that is beyond most of their abilities. That, in my opinion, is tantamount to abuse.

There was a law that was passed in 2014, specifically Senate Bill 1642, which allows children with complex medical needs the ability to be exempted from such State mandated tests. The School Board is not following that law. I intend to force them.

Thank you all for your kind words and support.

I encourage you to read this article from February 2014 and watch the video of what testing means to special needs students in Florida. A law was subsequently passed that addresses this issue, but the County and State are ignoring it. Florida Senate Bill 1642, lines 856-920.

Here’s the Florida Education Commissioner’s response to the video posted in the article I shared in my initial post. It shows that they are determined to test at any cost:

-Paula Drew, Florida.

Still think these are the same tests you took as a kid? Still think this helps prepare children for the real world? Think again. Speak out, stand up. Because if you don’t, who will?
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