Educational Theory and Common Core: A Distinct Oxymoron


Traditional education in the last 10 years has been focused on teaching, not learning. The controversial “standards” have involved a combination of  bribes, deception, and federal mishaps. Despite the growing disagreement surrounding Common Core, analysts say that without a significant change in course, the vast majority of American K-12 school children will be taught using uncertain, federally backed “standards” that have come under fire from across a national spectrum. Opposition is growing, but government officials are not yet backing down. Let’s refocus our energies and look back upon our educational theorists, and their valid reasoning regarding how children learn and grow.  This will allow us to make a clear comparison between our American system as it exists today, and the reality of the direction in which it should be heading.

Jean Paiget’s view of how children learn and develop has been enormously influential in education. His insight focused on the…

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