Have you sent in your refusal letter yet?

Nysed, under new management of MaryEllen Elia, has decided to attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of parents and teachers. We know better.

They are asking districts to send out letters promising that things have changed and asking that our children take the tests this year, due to their alleged “compromises”.

Parents, do not be fooled. What they’ve offered does not benefit our children. They’ve offered unlimited time, no ties to teacher evaluations, and less questions to throw us an imaginary bone. Unlimited time is the last thing we wanted. We do not want children sitting for more time for these tests. We are told they will be policed during lunch break to ensure they do not discuss the exams. Anyone who has met a 9 year old knows this is preposterous. Children sitting for age and content inappropriate tests for even more time is absolutely ludicrous.

On to the next “compromise” of less questions. Approximately three less questions, is that a joke?

And finally, the loss of ties to teacher evaluations- was that not the entire point of the exams? Even governor Cuomo admits there is no point to these exams now. The school scores will still be used to put schools into receivership, and ultimately privatize them. Teacher evaluations are simply put on hold temporarily.

Parents have spoken. The time has come for major changes, beginning with a Nys leader of education who hears and respects parents and teachers. We cannot allow billionaires to run our schools any longer. The parents have spoken.

Here is a New York parent activist. Read her words and share them. http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/opinion/valley-views/2016/03/26/refusing-tests-force-education-system-make-necessary-changes/81827128/

And here: