Share this widely. Children are suffering needlessly, for profit.

Must read.
It’s important that NYSED does not allow the wool to be pulled over your eyes. The changes made are even worse and they have many fooled with their TOOL kit.
If you tweet, Send this to the media with an explanation of why this is #statesanctionedchildabuse
And from a teacher:

“One of my students, whose 9th birthday is today, ended the school day struggling and crying over his ELA state test that he had been staring at for hours. Now that the tests are untimed, he had the option to sit there for the whole day. He did not want to give up. Just before dismissal, he finally cried out, “I don’t know!” as tears dripped onto his paper.
This same child has been battling leukemia for almost 2 years. He is an incredible fighter and an absolute inspiration to me…so it was devastating to see how this high-stakes test had such a detrimental effect on his self-esteem. No matter how much I emphasize to my students that they are worth so much more than just a test score, they are well aware of how much pressure there is to perform.
There has to be another way.”



Still think it’s better now? Think again.
And, let’s not forget the massive errors. Shame on you, NYSED.