Open letter to the Post, from every parent. 

Open letter to the POST, and those who find it necessary to attack children and parents.  

It is a pathetic commentary on what is deemed acceptable behavior of grown adults who claim to care for children. Duncan’s claim to fame that ‘parents are upset that their children are not as smart as they thought’, seems to be the only pathetic defense left from DEformers that want to ruin our schools. The truth is, you have no recourse. So you attempt to shame and spread fiction. 

All children are refusing these horrendous standardized exams. Children from all families and all walks of life are refusing. Calling our children “dumb” is morally reprehensible. These are children. Children are not an acceptable target of your political rhetoric. You have fed the ever growing rift between parent and school. You are immoral. A bully.  A disgrace. 

Hear this. 

This is not a middle or upper class movement nor is it a movement borne out of fear of failure. The parents here are speaking out against the federal and corporate take over of our schools and the abuse of endless, age inappropriate, error laden, meaningless standardized exams, which along with the poisonous curriculum of Common Core, have ruined the love of learning for these children. How dare you insinuate there is a single face behind the refusal movement. How dare you insult children whom you have abused? Disabled children, honor students, minorities- they are all refusers. You have the obligation to print the truth, and yet you continue to spin webs of deceit.

The Whitewashing Of The Opt-Out Movement

Parents can sleep at night, can you? 

My child is an honor student.

My child is a minority. 

My child is disabled. 

My child is a child. 

Pick on someone your own size.    


See him? He does not see us. 

Quote from Duncan: