Ed Post Is Really RIEF. Time to Look Closer at RIEF’s Board.


In mid-2014, four entities united in order to form (and fund) a nonprofit, the Results in Education Foundation (RIEF). These four entities were former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, and the Emerson Collective. As reported on the RIEF 2014 tax form, all four donated money totaling $5.5 million for that year.

Broad and Walton are foundations; Bloomberg is not identified as a foundation on the 2014 RIEF tax form, so he might have donated individually, and the Emerson Collective is an LLC (“limited liability company.”)

The president of RIEF is Obama-Duncan Chicago associate, Peter Cunningham.

The sole purpose of RIEF is to support the corporate reform communications vehicle, Education Post.

Regarding its role in supporting Ed Post, the Emerson Collective wished to remain anonymous. Since Emerson Collective is an LLC and not a nonprofit, it…

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