Are we losing the fight against common core? 

Are we losing or winning? Michael Bohr, The Contemporary Insurgent, shares his thoughts. 

“Why are we losing the fight against the Common Core?
By Michael Bohr, Contemporary Insurgent

We are not outnumbered. 
-Testing refusals are increasing exponentially every year, in every state. 
-polling data now shows an inversion of the percentages of parent’s and teacher’s opinions that show a majority are now against the CCSS as a whole.
-no Pro-CC candidate in the GOP Presidential Nominee field ever rose above 10-15% and if they did, they didn’t stay there long. In fact, short of John Kasich’s spoiler-candidacy, every one of them dropped out within 6 months or less despite available campaign funds on hand. (In contrast, the DNC only allowed proCC candidates (or in the case of Sanders, an obfuscatory candidate with an open mind) to even enter the field, and in the case of Sanders, cheated him out of the nomination.
-scores upon scores of video documentation of parents protesting Board of Ed meetings (in many cases being arrested for speaking out when the boards could not silence them through procedural acrobatics and intimidations)
-politicians en mass are either dodging the issue of CC, speaking in false platitudes and “solidarity” with concerned parents and educators… Though, in the case of the Democratic Party, advising party members to avoid the “3rd rail” of Common Core in their campaigns via internal emails and meetings. (A sure sign that they are indeed outnumbered and scared)
We are gaining ground in the press, state legislatures and courts:
-legislation to stop CC, as well as the testing and data collection components of the reforms, has been introduced in a super majority of state legislature across the nation, but with only modest recognition in DC
-a lower court in Missouri ruling that the PARCC/SBAC testing Consortiums are an unconstitutional violation of the Compact Clause
-Parents in NY State even succeeded in gaining ballot access (Stop Common Core) during the last gubernatorial election cycle, but were betrayed by Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino who, along with GOP operatives, summarily changed the “party” name to “The Reform Party” behind the backs of, and against the wishes of, the tens of thousands of Parents and Educators who gathered petition signatures and then voted successfully for its place on the ballot box.(Astorini supported George Pataki and then Jeb Bush during the GOP primaries, both proCC candidates who failed and withdrew)
-have sponsored (and in some cases successfully) parent and teacher candidates for BOE positions, down ticket primary challenges and 3rd party candidates.
-have received increasingly supportive news coverage it Common Core opposition from many, if not a majority, of all mainstream news organization.
So why is it that the Common Core Agenda appears to be steam rolling over our children and ourselves despite these successes and advances?
Why is it that, despite all this, parents are increasingly withdrawing children from Public Schools, in favor or charter, private and home schooling?
Simply put:
1)Big Politics

2)Big Money

3)Big Labor
Big Politics

We are getting our asses handed to us here! The GOP and DNC Leadership’s are in lock-step cahoots with each other. From the highest offices in DC and the States, right on down to the lowest Offices of local BOE’s, they are unified. as is evidenced by the passage of the ESSA and lack of congressional oversight of the US Dept of Ed to the increased weighting of tests on teacher evaluations to parents being arrested at local board meetings.
We, one the other hand, are mostly divided along political party (even between factions within a single party) and parent/teacher lines. This due to a combination of Big Politics playing us like a harp and….
Big Labor:

The collusion between Big Politics and Big Labor has essentially silenced teachers via “gag” orders and laws from the unions and state/district school administrations. This, of course, is in addition to the political oppression of politically non leftwing teacher union members as well. 
The Common Core system and its assault on tenure through the VAM component of the testing and evaluations, along with a highly intrusive data collection system for teachers (as well as students) constantly track and monitor anything a teacher may say or due to alert parents to the inadequacies and abuse of students by the system.
Perhaps the most egregious aspect of all of this is the complicity of the Teacher Unions and their leadership in signing on to, and propagandizing, the entire Common Core Agenda. 
Tens of millions of dollars from Big Money (corporations and foundations) and Big Politics (govt grants) have been given to the NEA and AFT, the nation’s two largest teacher unions, for “Professional Development” programs such as NEA’s TURN and use to indoctrinate teachers into supporting the CCSS, as well as being employed as huge slush funds for political and union cronyism.
Big Politics within the unions themselves have further damaged our fight as the Union Leadership has infiltrated many of the once “grassroots” organizations set up to fight the Common Core Agenda by supplying grants to, and approving “caucuses” for these organizations that have effectively divided teachers and teachers from parents. This, along with leadership coups in the once grassroots groups, have shifted the focus from fighting Common Core to gaining a seat at the table and only (half heartedly) fighting against test evaluation components and an illusory defense of tenure. Their missions now appear only to be to fight vouchers and charters and maintain the very hegemony over education by the government, specifically the increasing power to the Federal Government via the US Dept of Education, that has enabled, financed, regulated, legislated and directly led to the Common Core takeover of our schools. This, of course, leads us to the third leg of this Triumvirate of Educational Terrorism…
Big Money:
Fro the moment President Jimmy Carter established the US Dept of Ed, through the collusion of Sen Lamar Alexander with Sec. Of Ed Bill Bennet to prevent Ronald Reagan from dismantling the USDoEd, Presidents GHW Bush’s expansion, President Clinton’s “Goals 2000” and Mark Tucker and the “Dear Hillary Letter” (which was the structural blue print for CC), followed by Pres. GW Bush’s NCLB and Pres. Obama’s Race to the Top initiative, Big Money corporations and foundations have been at work behind the scenes to help get around Constitutional, law and regulatory restrictions. 
It must also be noted that the United Nations, through its UNESCO organization, has been a major player throughout all of this.

(The words “common core” first appeared in print in a 1984 UNESCO document, inspired by the UN’s Dr Robert Muller’s “World Core Curriculum”)
From the UN, corporations, foundations and trade organizations (including politicians from almost every administration and Party, along with unions like NEA, Aft and SEIU) have spent large sums of cash and political capital to force what is now the Common Core Agenda upon us.
The Gates Foundation, ALEC, Soros’ Open Society, Exxon, GE, Rupert Murdoch, the Walton Foundation (Walmart), the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Microsoft, Pearson Publishing, Scholastic, Eli Broad, Apple and an endless list of others, have all colluded to finance the Common Core Agenda through the takeover of Teacher Colleges, teacher replacements (Teach for America), Broad Academy principal and superintendent training; through Union run teacher “professional development” programs, legislation at the state and federal levels… All

With the singleminded goals of raiding the public treasury and creating docile and compliant workers for BOTH Corporate and Union interests that are politically mindless automatons for the ruling class of political elitists Dynasties.
All of these people and their corporations, foundations, trade organizations and stolen government institutions have conspired on a global scale to create a system for the production of Human Capital, to be exploited, handpicked and, when either no longer useful or initially useless, summarily disposed of through a variety of means. Such means include imposed poverty via manipulated markets and central banking systems, laws and regulations designed to limit individual freedoms and property rights, government and private prisons to be supplied with free-labor inmates from the aforementioned laws and regulations and an institutional “school-to-prison pipeline”, all

Of which is fed data from the Common Core’s SLDS (States Longitudinal Data System), which is designed to monitor every child (aka human capital) throughout their lives and determine their fate.
Big Money sees all of this as an investment that will pay them extreme dividends for generations to come. Spending a few billion dollars is nothing compared to the TRILLIONS of dollars and the inestimable political power that it will bring them.
And then there’s us.
Moms and dads, parents and teachers trying desperately to conduct a campaign of protest, while trying to see through the political fog, feed, cloth and shelter ourselves and our children and maybe enjoy a small slice of life if we can afford it.
We are a ragtag bunch of disorganized, ordinary people, of limited means, being assaulted from without and betrayed from within, who are up against the largest group of criminals in history!
And we scare the shit out of them!
Despite all they have going for them, and all that we have going against us… They are more afraid of us than we are of them.
Because we DO outnumber them and at some point, if we cannot find a political and legal solution (such as jailing them all for antitrust, RICO violations and crimes against humanity), we will rise up in revolution and insurgency, and seek their heads for pikes. This is

Not a threat, nor is it a call for

Violence… Rather, it is a recollection of historical precedent that has followed every manifestation of tyranny throughout human existence.
It is the inevitable consequence of the failures of all society’s governmental protections to function properly and justly.
Eventually, the people who have entrusted leaders with enforcing just law, take law back into their own hands.
Woe unto them who force our hand to full scale rebellion… And they know it.
We may not have won yet, but we have not lost either. 
For now, we are peaceful, if not

Civil anymore, and we should endeavor to remain peaceful… Until we no longer can.
Empires always fall, but The People always remain.
13 Colonies defeated the British Empire, Egypt and Rome fell to slaves and David slew Goliath… And so, we too shall prevail, despite the Leviathan before us and the Judas’ behind us.
They fight for greed and dominance, out of their hatred for our peasant ways…
We fight for our children and ourselves with a yearning for freedom and out of love for life.
We hold the advantage.
The High Ground is ours.
We are not losing!
-Michel Bohr, CI”