SUPERintendents leading the charge of change away from rigor.  

 Dr Hynes sent the following letter to ALL NYS superintendents to ask them to follow in his lead. The responses he got you could just about count on one hand.


This is the work of a top superintendent in our state. He knows the child centered view is what is right in his district and does not buy into what education has morphed into. Thank you Dr Michael Hynes. You are a true role model for the other superintendents in this country. If we could get the others to follow your lead, the tides would change with blinding speed from fed led ed and rigor and grit, to healthy, age appropriate, child centered learning. What children need. Not big money focused, but simply Child Centered.  

It seems there are very few individuals that are willing to risk their job for these children, except a select, brave and noble few. Those children whom live in his district are truly blessed. Dr Joe Rella and Dr Michael Hynes, thank you for keeping the children first and foremost, always. You are shining examples of who an educator and a leader should be.