Outrageous expectations from children who are under 60 months old. 

This is too mind boggling to not share.

In New York at least, many children start kindergarten at age 4.  Maybe they’ve been potty trained a year or so. Maybe they know how to hold a knife and fork properly, perhaps not. Maybe they don’t yet know how to ride a bike, even with training wheels. Almost certainly, many still hold their crayons with a fist grip. Most do not know how to write their letters. Many do not even know the letters as this is their first school experience. This may be their first time away from mommy. 
Yet, they are expected to read a passage and write independently for four minutes their thoughts on it.

Say again?
We thought there was no way this could be true. There is no “Snopes”, for common core assignments. So many of them seem so outlandish that we think they surely must be fake. At least, we hope so.
Then teachers come along and validate that, yes, this is a real assignment for a kindergarten class. Parents from California say their children have been given this assignment in the first few weeks of kindergarten. They are aghast.


Common core is educational malpractice. It is so egregiously age inappropriate that it’s nearly unbelievable to see this material and consider these assignments even possible. When big business writes standards for tiny children, things get ugly.  Career and college readiness for these children is just criminal.

What happened to coloring and free play and nap time? Where is puzzle time and teaching children to be a good friend?

Kiss your sandboxes goodbye. Welcome a different kind of grit.

Are you angry yet?

We sure are.

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