KINDERGARTEN common core boot camp. 

Above is a KINDERGARTEN wall out of Ohio. As an adult, not even sure what it means. Perhaps it is missing the pictures of ABC’s and Clifford the Big Red Dog reading a book?
KINDERGARTEN rigor is wrong. This newest piece (of many) explains well the issues of expecting rigor from the youngest children. 

Teacher Sue Goncarovs, shares;

“(This article highlights) how the biological necessities of early learning are being dismissed and supplanted with developmentally inappropriate “standards.” A generation of children since NCLB have been impacted, and older teachers who know better are being targeted and forced out of their profession for speaking up.  

Devastation of a profession by a monopoly of greed. 
Devastation of a generation for the sake of profit. ”

From the article:

“We know from educational theory what works,” Minicozzi said. “Kids should be actively engaged. They should be outside. They should be moving, exploring. They should have multiple opportunities to explore at different times.” She worries that as schools adopt Common Core State Standards school administrators will continue to push more content and direct instruction into kindergarten.”

Also from above piece:
Hassani says they are expected to teach a 45 minute math block, a 45 minute reading block, 45 minutes of phonics, science, social studies and other special programming as well. That’s too many transitions for a young student and doesn’t leave enough time for the play-based and experiential learning that has long been a hallmark of kindergarten.

“The structure, the rigor of the day is too much for them,” Hassani said.” And that rigor is making kids more anxious about what’s coming up.” She has noticed in recent years that kids have a harder time paying attention because they are worried about the next transition. And she doesn’t have enough time to dive deeply into topics so she worries those same concepts will have to be retaught again later in students’ elementary careers…..“I still feel we are missing the boat with what’s developmentally appropriate.”

There is so much wrong. This piece highlights it in bullet points.  

Child advocate, whole-child education proponent, Tom McGuire, shares his thoughts. When you see the comparison, it is even more heartbreaking.  

“It elementally defies developmental theory and practice. A vast majority of many PK and Kinder programs were pretty magical places for tots to learn the initial depths of group norms and learning through well guided games and exploration.  

Happy Kids and a nurturing teacher started generations of children off into what became the main social and academic focal point.  

I pay $7.00 for cage free eggs that promise the chickens can access exercise, natural surroundings and fresh air.   
Hmmmm. Full day kindergarten, academic focus, testing regimen and increased seat time.
Chickens have come home to roost, so to speak.”

Educator Denis Ian, shares:

“Remember … this is all about kids … that’s why we’re here.
These are the expectations for children who are so young they barely have a past.
This is the childhood-killing reform that’s been shoved down the throats of teachers, parents … and worst of all … children. 

So, I should warn you all straight away … 
I’m an old father now. Suddenly, it seems. My sons have sons. I own lots of memories. I polish the sweet ones and never dust the ones that hurt. I mind time now. I didn’t used to. In fact, like lots of you, I was reckless with time. Not any longer.
Don’t be like me.
Mind those sweet moments with your children and seldom say “Hurry up!”. Don’t wish for anything except this very moment. Leave tomorrow alone. Tend to today.
Don’t let anyone hurry your child. 
Don’t let anyone sandpaper their softest years with grit or rigor … because there’s plenty of that stuff in the eight hundred months ahead. 
Don’t let anyone chase innocence out of your child’s life. It has its own cadence and rhythm … and it’s plenty fast enough. 
Don’t let others spin those clock hands faster than they already spin. 
Mind the numbers in your life as never before. Pay as much attention to the small moments as you do the big stuff … ’cause life has way more little moments that should not be missed.

Remind yourself that a five year old is sixty months on this planet. Less than 2,000 days old. They’re still brand new people! No one has the right to whisper anything about college or careers to a child determined to conquer the monkey bars. All adults should respect the Law of the Chair … if a child’s legs do not reach the floor … well … they are reality-exempt.

That eight year old … the one who sleeps in his Little League uniform? He’s a third grader. Not yet 100 months old. Let that sink in. Why is he rip-roaring mad at himself over some junk-test? That’s not the worry of an 8 year old. He should be anxious about base hits … not base line scores. His only career thought is what professional team to sign with … and that’s heavy enough. 

That music-blasting “tween” is maybe 150 months old. At that age their job is to not walk into door jambs … and to try to put a lid on some hormone havoc. They’re still closer to babyhood than adulthood. Why do we let schools bum-rush them into anxiety-hell over tests? Mother Nature has already over-supplied them with all the anxiety they can barely handle. Why don’t we just lay off ‘em … and let ‘em outgrow this messy moment? It’s bad enough as it is … leave it be. 

Maybe this will shake up your consciousness … and slow you down some. And maybe … maybe you won’t say “Hurry up!” quite so often. And perhaps you’ll remind that school to slow down … that there are children on board … and they are entitled to every last drop of innocence. 

Don’t let them kidnap your child into their warped world. If they think education is all about numbers, well, they’ve already forfeited their privilege to enjoy your child. 
Go to hell and back to protect childhood. Every day.”
-Denis Ian

What about play? It’s all but disappeared.

There is a whole lot of talk about this state sanctioned child abuse, and yet we are years into common core and nothing has been reversed.  

One teacher is trying, again.

Why is KINDERGARTEN stressful for the entire family? This is outrageous.  
Nothing that is said here is new. Parents and educators of the youngest children have been the fiercest opposition to education reform. Our words go unheard. 

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