Katie Lapham: Can You Teach without Charlotte Danielson’s Rubric?

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Some of us are old enough to remember a time when there were no “rubrics” for teaching. Teachers learned how to teach in their teacher preparation programs and as student teachers; they struggled the first year or two, and if they were lucky, an older teacher helped them get better. And then they were good teachers, able to manage the class, deal with discipline issues, and lead their students to whatever they were teaching.

But these days, there is a formula for almost everything (except what matters most, like living a good life, coping with adversity, managing the stresses and strains of a culture that bombards us with more information and sensation than we can handle).

In teaching, there is the rubric created by Charlotte Danielson.

Katie Lapham, who teaches in the New York City public schools, thinks back to what inspired her when she was a student in Atlanta

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