This photo was posted. Watch what happened next.


This photo was submitted by a parent. Her child is suffering with the age inappropriate, error and trick laden, too much, too soon, too fast, common core homework. This photo was shared on social media. Without asking for any response, it still received hundreds of commiserating comments within a half hour.

Below are some of the responses to this raw photo. They have been listed anonymously to protect the teachers involved. They need no names; they could be any parent. This is every child. Common core has failed all the children.

Legislators need to see these faces and hear these parents and teachers. This must stop.

Heartbreaking! School should not make any child feel this way. We need to bring the fun back to learning.

Is this grounds for a class action lawsuit against New York State, NYSED and the Board of Regents?This picture is so upsetting.

I live this horrible reality everyday with my kids when I come home from teaching.

We have all seen our kids in this child

The is child abuse; we are mandatory reporters. If only CFS would prosecute

I’ve had this scene at my house more than once as well. I hate it.

This is exactly how my 6yr old gets with math homework. Poor kids..

Mine too.

My 10 yr old on a nightly basis.

This is so heartbreaking…kids shouldn’t dread going to school….if we thought there were a lot of kids that dropped out of school before just wait a couple years and they’ll all be leaving! Luckily my child is only 2 so I have a couple years to decide if I want to attempt homeschooling, if we can afford it, or if we are actually going to move out of NYS. Who ever thought we would become a nation whose leaders are so blind to see that they’re destroying the very people they supposedly “represent”. It’s sickening that citizens have to seriously consider uprooting their entire family to avoid the devastating effects of common core and to get a quality education!

This is what my 6 yr old looks like every day.

My 12 yr old has a nervous breakdown every night!!! Terrible

I HATE this! This poor baby.

My 9 year old every night with his math …. Breaks my heart

Educational malpractice…no love for learning here.

This could be my 6-year old twin daughters. We go through the same thing every night with math. One of them hates it so much that she’ll scream about all her homework just because of the math. This past week, I did an experiment. We didn’t do math homework. Both girls were much more able to do the rest of their homework without a meltdown.
The math homework is very often a repeat of what was already done in school. It’s just drill and kill.

Heart breaking for sure and VERY REAL; I have that child at home too. Just older. 7th grade! Cries like that over math too!,

I see it all the time w/ my kids for a couple of years now.

This happens in my house as well, sadly.

Poor buddy! This is child abuse that is being legalized. We must speak up for our children!!!

I too have seen this with up close and personal with my grandaughter for over a year now its child abuse plain and simple

What about us poor parents that didn’t learn this way! I have to learn all
Over again because not even I get this common core crap! I just teach them how I was taught it’s so much frigging easier!!!!

Poor baby. Breaks my heart. School work should NOT cause this!

That’s a Pearson worksheet for sure. I teach K and refuse to have my classroom resemble a factory with workers sitting quietly, behind shields!! I DON’T CARE! I will continue to do it my way, develop the whole child. They are not numbers, scores or HEDI ratings. They are children and this is a criminal and egregious act against the children of America! They don’t want to educate; they want a future of complacent workers for their corporations to grow as well as their bank accounts. Parents please this IS NOT education. Maria Montessori knew how to educate and enrich a child. She’d be revolting and so should we.

I see this all the time. Sadly.

My son is in 5th grade and he calls himself stupid! Teachers and parents MUST UNITE AGAINST THIS!!!!!

My 7th grader hates school. Guess what ? She didn’t before the tests. Every night and weekends Math homework even weekends – takes over one hr+ just on math – much of what is learned in class is not reviewed – you are screwed if you don’t understand. Tests every week. Never have I seen her this stressed and miserable about school. Now I pay a tutor on top of my huge school tax bill. I hear kids are doing worse than having meltdowns and losing sleep…what’s it gonna take for them to realize this. Tutor cannot believe what they are doing to them either. I loved school – I hoped my kid who loves to learn would have the same chance as me. It’s crazy.

My son was like that last year…I e-mailed the teacher I would never allow my son to get like that again and that if we can not get it done in 20 minutes (math0 then I will send it back to be re-taught….

No child should be put through this. The government has no business being involved with education.

The math is developmentally inapropriate for his age. He can’t read it let alone cognitively translate what the worksheet wants. I read yesterday about a 6th grade test that had 11th grade reading material. This is cruel and a setup for failure.

They must first learn it in school, not by us! Teachers have too much to fit in now and if a child isn’t getting it, sorry, need to move on. Terrible!

I predict that the future will see an increase in student drop out rates, teen suicide rates and a lack of motivation for life long learning if Common Core continues.

my kids feel the same way with all this HW

I am teaching algebra in Kindergarten. The kids are so confused! Some of them just learned their numbers and how to count! Its ridiculous!

Every parent needs to call our “wonderful” Governor and tell their stories.

It pains and angers me to see my kids cry over HW!

I know this all too well and i think boys in general are having a harder time . This is my son some nights and it kills me .

It’s not just boys. My 2nd grade daughter cries weekly because “I’m not smart enough to do the math”.

How can we make a statement strong enough to get it through the thick self centered skulls of our government. ..they sit on their pedestals and think they know more than the teachers and parents that work with these children every single day…

Been there and living it for 3 years now!! Kids are desensitized to it now and like those victims of abuse, are not only dumbed down but are numbed down as well. And for that homeschool, good for you, but doesn’t it piss you off to have to!?

We have the same problem, HW time is sad. At the end of the day they do not retain this crap. Our children do not want to do this they fell out of love with learning. We need to get back to the basics!

I teach several strategies in 2nd grade and modify homework to make it shorter. The repetitiveness of the CC is torturous. I have always taught that we all think differently thus problems may be solved in such a way that the work is valid!

It’s horrible, my son’s math test grades just keep going down and down..the sad part is I don’t even understand most of it so I cant even help him. Now I’m looking into a tutor.

We went thru this for weeks.. until I decided enough was enough!!! I will not let my child feel this way over math! It’s awful. If she don’t understand it…we don’t do it anymore !!

I think reporters at press conferences should ask politicians to solve problems from Common Core Math exams, just so we can enjoy how stupid they look when they can’t solve them either!

(This is) the raw image that TRULY represents the reality of CCSS.

My 9 y/o is like this all the time, it breaks my heart.

It is sickening. The only way to stop it is to refuse the tests. If nobody takes them, a clear, expensive message will be sent.

That’s my Son EVERY night!

Powerful picture. I need to take one of my son and share it too.

My 6 year old was like this the other night while I tried to explain this math sheet(which made no sense to me or my husband).

We went thru this for weeks.. until I decided enough was enough!!! I will not let my child feel this way over math! It’s awful. If she don’t understand it…we don’t do it anymore !!

I hope the parent who took this picture sends it to the governor, Regents, every member of government, and to the media. This is not acceptable.

My son fights with us every night to do the homework. says its too hard. he can’t read the sentences and we have to read the sentences to even figure out what they hell they are trying to say. so if a 36 yr old and a 40 yr old can’t undertsand the questions how the hell can a 6 yr old who can bARELY READ UNDERSTAND THEM? this has gone too far. its time to take a stand, maybe have a statewide walk out on testing day or something but wehave to let the government know this cannot go on that its torture and not important. we will never use it in college or the real world so why put so much pressure on our children to benefit yourselves. u dont care about us or ourt kids u just care about yourselves.

My teenage children get like this especially my 15yr old who has always loved math and been good at it…she gets the answers rt but bc she doesnt use the common core method she doesnt get full credit or any credit at all…

So sad ! I HATE that this is happening to our kids!!! I’d like to shove this common core down their throats!

We complain and sign petitions but its not enough we need to make a statement that will wake up the government and show them they are bullying our kids and teachers

My 9 year old spent 20 min crying because of the division homework. We tried to help but she jept saying thats not the way my teacher teaches it. Nothing against her teacher, but this common core is pure cruelty to our children! 1+1=2. Simple and less complicated!

The instructions said “Make a 10. Then add”. It was difficult to explain to my son why 5 has to break down to 4+1 to be correct and not 3+2. This is beyond him right now. His brain does not work this way. He says he hates school. At 6 years old he should love school.

My 9 year old girls are having the same problems. One is actually regressing. In addition to all the work they have to do. Her teacher is a horrible for for her. She is picking her fingers raw from stress. Something has t give for these kids. Its so sad

I can remember, over the course of my elementary years, getting frustrated over homework maybe once or twice. The difference now is that this is an every day occurrence for many children.

This just broke my heart. I see my fourth grader struggle with it also.

That’s me attempting to help my son during homework

My son is autistic. I was told early on as long as he was in a restricted program he would not have to learn cc and yet in first grade he is, but kindergarten he didn’t, which is confusing to a child with special needs. Just getting the child to do the work is hard enough without cc confusing them. Thank god math is one of his best subjects but he still struggles regardless.

Too many homes go through the same thing. It’s very sad. Cuomo doesn’t know about child development. If a child is NOT DEVELOPMENTALLY READY for certain skills, we’re doing more MORE HARM THAT GOOD. Why frustrate them? We will need more psychologists in schools.

Wait until they see the drop out rate in 8 or 9 years!!! Disgusting setting children up to fail.

It’s so sad. We go thru it every night and my son is only in the 1st grade.

Breaks my heart. We have been there many days and that’s when I close and move on. When they calm down I try “my” way the old fashioned way

Since I pulled my kids and put them in Lutheran school I can’t tell u how wonderful . They are happy healthy love school never cry or ask to stay home. This kills me knowing this was my boy last year in second grade

We deal with this in 1st, 3rd and 5th. It is real and I have similar photos. My kids do not take the state exams.

Very true, that was my son, and I am now home schooling, we have no more of that

Breaks my heart. Just teaching to hate school.

I feel bad for any child struggling in school. My son is having a hard time also .

Say NO to these stupid tests! Why put your child through it for what. So these Big Shots can make more money, that is what this is all about. They don’t care about your child.

It’s insane my daughter asked me to help with division Ok I can do that easily but NO..They don’t just do simple long division she had to do some sort of estimating with it!!! WHY GOD WHY

I started homeschooling. My husband and I both work. I hope refusing the tests helps…

I predict that there will come a time that these years will be labeled the Common Core Years and our students at this time, the Common Core Kids. In the history of education, neither will have a positive connotation. Heartbreaking for our children.

And the grande finale:

Looks like my son when it’s HW time….these poor children. Shame on Albany.

Shame indeed.

Thank you to the parents and teachers for your heartfelt replies. These thoughts have not been edited.

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